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October 2012, Volume 41: No. 10
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From the Chair
Write it in for Johnson/Gray
Gary Johnson: The Book
Boman still making solid inroads
Lewis people light up the streets for freedom of speech
LEC recommendations on MI ballot proposals
Washtenaw County w/ major outreach season
NDAA Detention Nullification bill on fast track
Allen Park charter amendment proposal

Other LPM News and Announcements
   Ruth Johnson ballot treachery portends LPM major party status
   Cannabis Legalization measure to appear on Detroit ballot
   LPM still fighting for Johnson ballot access
   Sign petition to get Gary Johnson in debates

Image of the Month
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Book and Movie Reviews


Welcome to the October 2012 issue of the online newsletter of the Libertarian Party of Michigan, the Michigan Libertarian. The newsletter is our main vehicle for sharing what's happening for Libertarians in Michigan. You may manage your subscription by going here or visiting our Web site www.mi.lp.org (same as www.michiganlp.org).

Write In Ballot
8Write it in for Johnson/Gray

Bill Hall

As noted below in this newsletter, we are still fighting the Republicans in court to place Gary Johnson for President and James P. Gray for Vice President on the Michigan ballot.

At press time, we've not been successful in doing so. However, anticipating this problem, we did qualify both Gary Johnson for President and James P. Gray for Vice President as independent write-in candidates in Michigan. [Michigan law requires that write-in candidates file paperwork with the Secretary of State by September 7 if they desire their votes to be counted.]

Here is what you need to do to write in their names (word-for-word from the Secretary of State's website): WRITE-IN CANDIDATES: To vote for a candidate whose name is not printed on the ballot, write or place the name of that candidate in the blank space provided and (completely darken the oval) or (complete the arrow).

This must be done even if you cast a straight party vote. Do not cast a write-in vote for a candidate whose name is already printed on the ballot for that office. Send a message that you do support Gary Johnson for President and James P. Gray for Vice President. Write in their names on your ballot!

Emily Salvette has prepared a sample of a ballot that shows how to fill in the names of our two write-in candidates. The figure is shown at right. Please contact me if you have any questions.

8From the Chair

Billboards and Atlas
Denee Rockman-Moon

The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by those who resist it. – John Hay (1872)

http://michiganlp.org/Pictures/Denee.jpgJust some notes on important events and plans for the many campaigns, candidates, and events in this most exciting of seasons:

Election Day Tuesday November 6th

Have you picked out your Candidates? Please remember if you would like to help on any campaigns, needing a Libertarian or Gary Johnson yard sign, or Bumper sticker, please contact chair@mi.lp.org, I will mail them to you for FREE! Something if you need to fill a spot:

Your Life. Your Voice. Your Option

LOOK UP! – Libertarians on the Rise!
Help keep LP billboards up through the November 6 election!

I would like to begin to say “Thank You” to all those that have donated to the Libertarian party over the last couple of years. With your contributions and many people frustrated with the economy, we thought that it was time to mark our spot on the Map. Starting Sept 10th through Oct 7th, you will see the following rise up on billboards across Michigan:


I am writing to you on behalf of all seeking more freedom, less government, and if you are just frustrated with this two party system, join me with a small donation to help us keep up the billboards now though November 6th. If you would like to contribute and see the Libertarians rise up even higher, please go to: http://www.mi.lp.org/Shared%20Documents/Contribute.aspx. Just click on donations and in the comments write: Billboards. Locations will be:

  • I-75 South of Coldwater Rd, facing south -Flint/Lansing
  • US-31South of Sherman Rd, facing north -Muskegon
  • I-96 West of Greenfield Rd, Facing West -Detroit

Contest: The first individual that can email me all three billboards from an email address, lunch is on US! I will mail you a $10.00 gift card of your choice! Let’s get those camera phones out! (not while driving please). Email me at chair@michiganlp.org.

Coming Soon – Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged Part II”

Atlas Shrugged IIOctober 12, 2012 - 343 Confirmed Atlas Cities. To help with promotion, contact AS2 marketing person Samantha Markovitz (smarkovitz@atlasshruggedmovie.com), ref. her letter below. The following Michigan cities have committed to featuring this film; here are some current theaters planning to show ASII:

  • Birmingham Uptown
  • Birmingham 8
  • Canton Emagine 18
  • Gratiot Gratiot 21
  • Lakeside Forum 30 - Sterling Hts
  • Livonia Livonia 20
  • Novi Emagine Novi 18
  • Southgate
  • Southgate Cinema 20
  • Sterling Hts Market Place Cinema 20
  • Ann Arbor West Quality 16
  • Brighton Brighton Town Square 20
  • Port Huron Birchwood Cinema 10
  • Ypsilanti Rave
  • Ann Arbor 20
  • Grand Blanc Trillium Cinema 14
  • Saginaw Fashion Square Cinemas 10
  • Battle Creek Lakeview Square Cinemas 10
  • Grand Rapids/South Celebration North 17
  • Grandville Celebration Cinema Rivertown
  • Kalamazoo/North Rave Cityplace Stadium 14
  • Kalamazoo/South Celebration Cinema Crossroads 15
  • Muskegon Carousel Cinema 16
  • Lansing/Central Celebration Cinema 19
  • Lansing/East NCG Eastwood Cinema 18
  • Traverse City Horizon Cinemas 10

If you have any questions, concerns, or ideas that you would like to share with me, please send me an email at chair@michiganlp.org.

8Gary Johnson: The Book

Seven Principles of Good Government
Referred by Will White

Seven PrinciplesGary Johnson makes the most consistent and compelling arguments for limited government of any politician on the American scene today. Even if you don’t agree with everything he advocates, his new book is worth reading for its common-sense policy proposals and intellectual honesty. Silver Lake Publishing is proud to announce the release Gov. Gary Johnson’s SEVEN PRINCIPLES OF GOOD GOVERNMENT. CLICK HERE to get this book at the best price available anywhere. Johnson is the former two-term governor of New Mexico. He made headlines during his tenure as governor for supporting school vouchers, a freeze on all state taxes, real cuts in government agency funding and the decriminalization of marijuana. In 2012, he is running for President of the United States on the Libertarian Party ticket. He will be campaigning aggressively through the fall in all 50 states.

SEVEN PRINCIPLES OF GOOD GOVERNMENT is Gov. Johnson’s first book. It’s part memoir, part campaign document and part advice from a successful entrepreneur, governor and father of two. In the book, Johnson writes: "Government should protect you and me from those who would do us harm, threaten our rights and take away our civil liberties—whether they be foreign or domestic enemies, unscrupulous businesses or corporations, or individuals." The retail price for SEVEN PRINCIPLES OF GOOD GOVERNMENT is $12.95. If you order directly from Silver Lake Publishing, you can get one book for $9.95. Or five books for only $39.95. Or, the best price, 50 copies for $299.95. That’s less than half of the retail price and the best deal available anywhere.

8Boman making major inroads in media, talk shows, forums...

"You are the only candidate who stands for limited government..."
Reference Scotty Boman for US Senate site (http://www.boman12.org/)

In February I was able to poll 6% state-wide. Polling this well in a post-primary poll would secure my place in televised debates, but I need to be included first. Now the mass media and pollsters are falling back into the old rut of fixating exclusively on the old party candidates, and are not going to Adam vs. the Man, Scotty Bomanacknowledge Libertarians unless they start to see some advertising from us. Advertising costs money. So please don’t let this opportunity slip away. Contribute whatever you can, as soon as you can. I will do my part to deliver the message of individual liberty and Constitutional government to every corner of this state.

Look whose letter Adam Kokesh of Adam vs. the Man is reading! I am also running TV commercials on this show now: http://www.libertytownhall.com/.

In liberty,
Scotty Boman

8James Lewis' 42nd District House Race

Lewis supporters' protest at debate exclusion rivals debate attendance
By Steve Mace

Lewis Protest 1Supporters of James Lewis’ bid for state Rep in the 42 District of Michigan staged a peaceful, yet powerful, protest yesterday in front of the local candidates’ debate at Cleary University in Howell. The group was protesting the fact that Lewis, who was initially invited to participate in the “all-candidates” debate, was suddenly “uninvited” a week later. More than two dozen Lewis supporters lined the Grand River entrance to the debate site; many had their mouths taped shut to visually demonstrate the intentional silencing of the Lewis platform. According to Steve Mace, Manager of the Campaign to Elect James Lewis, the protest was planned to be orderly and non-disruptive.

“We respect the rights of all candidates to have their voices heard, unlike the debate sponsors,” explained Mace, “and we were insistent that any protest be outside the debate hall, and not disrupt the proceedings.” The candidate himself was pleased, but not terribly surprised, by the strong showing of support. “Third party candidates around the country are rallying huge support,” said Lewis, who attended the protest and spoke to several interested voters. “The people of Michigan, and this entire country, are looking for a new voice, a new way to fix this broken, malfunctioning two-party system. They know there is a better way, and we are seeing fast-growing support for viable alternatives. “The time for change has come, defenders of the entrenched two-party system are going to have to learn to adjust to the will of the people,” Lewis continued. “Pay to play, back door deals, lobbyists and PAC money – all of this corrupts the political process to the point that politicians are in it to better themselves and their own party, not the people. This has to stop, and the people are seeing it.”

Lewis Protest 2Event organizers who rescinded Lewis’ invitation to participate in the debate cited a decision to only include “main party” candidates. The event was sponsored in part by the Livingston Press & Argus, whose Executive Editor Rich Perlberg publicly stated that third party candidates are “interesting,” but serve only as a “distraction” in these debates. His comments drew sharp public criticism from local business owners who traditionally vote either Republican or Democrat. Many of these critics joined the debate demonstration, along with Libertarian party members, and Lewis supporters. “For being only a distraction, we had a fantastic showing,” said Mace.

“We did a quick head count and it appears that the number of Lewis supporters outside the event equaled the number of supporters for either Rogers or Willis inside.” (Lewis is running against incumbent Bill Rogers (R) and challenger Shanda Willis (D) in November.) “The turnout tells us that the two-party system is about to get a huge wake-up call,” Mace continued. “And judging by the number of motorists who honked to show their support, our message is getting out there and it resonates with the people of this district.” Mace estimates at least 100 passing motorists signaled their support of the Lewis campaign by honking or waving.

He also notes only one dissenting gesture, made by a person with a Romney bumper sticker on his car. “Apparently he disagrees, and he let us know in a pretty rude way,” laughed Mace. “That’s okay; this is America, and he has a right to his opinion, however vulgar a way he may choose to express it.” That person parked at Cleary, placed candidate signs and entered the debate hall. The Lewis campaign continues to gather momentum, new supporters and donations, and Lewis is slated for several public appearances throughout the district in the coming weeks.

Volunteer for the James Lewis campaign here.

8Inside Skinny on Ballot Proposals

These are the recommendations of the LEC

These are short descriptions of the proposals on the November 6 ballot along with the recommendations of the LPM. Full explanations of the recommended vote are located in the following PDF document: http://www.michiganlp.org/ENewsletters/201210/Proposals_2012.pdf.



Recommended Vote

1- STAND UP FOR DEMOCRACY Referendum Petition.

Petition seeks to invoke the right of referendum for the emergency financial manager law, 2011 PA 4.


Initiative Petition

Proposed constitutional amendment to create a new right to collective bargaining.


Initiative Petition

Proposed constitutional amendment to require utilities to obtain at least 25% of their electricity from clean renewable energy sources.


Initiative Petition

Proposed constitutional amendment to establish the Michigan quality Home Council, provide certain information to consumers, require training of providers, and provide limited collective bargaining rights.


Initiative Petition

Proposed constitutional amendment to prohibit the imposition of new or additional taxes or expansion of the base of taxation by the State of Michigan unless approved by a 2/3 majority of members in each chamber of the legislature or by a statewide vote of the people.


Initiative Petition

Proposed constitutional amendment to require a vote of the people before the State of Michigan can construct or finance new international bridges or tunnels for motor vehicles.


8Washtenaw County has Active Summer

Johnson CollageA Successful Outreach Booth Season
Larry Johnson

The LPWC ran outreach booths at the Ann Arbor Art Fairs and the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival. Both booths featured the Gary Johnson / Jim Gray ticket for president , Scotty Boman for Senate and our own Justin Altman for Washtenaw County Prosecutor.

We got a good number of people requesting information about the LP and were able to reconnect with a number of party members that we do not get to see as often as we would like. We had candidates Justin Altman, Scotty Boman, Chris Schraer, and James Hudler at one or both events as well as Current Chair Denee Rockman-Moon and past Chair Emily Salvette.

8NDAA Indefinite Detention Nullification bill moves forward

HB 5768 to nullify NDAA detention speeds thru committee
Dan Goebel dan@dangoebel2012.com

Nullification of Indefinite Detention HB 5768 In Lansing Tuesday September 25, a public hearing was held for HB 5768. The Bill was introduced by Reps. McMillin, MacMaster, Irwin, Ananich, Foster and McBroom. This Bill is intended to address the Indefinite Detention Provisions in the NDAA. HB 5768 “A bill to prohibit any agency of the state, any political subdivision of this state, any employee of any agency of this state or any political subdivision of this state, or any member of the Michigan national guard from assisting an agency of the armed forces of the United States in the investigation, prosecution, or detainment of any citizen of the United States under certain circumstances.”

The hearing was well attended, so much so that a second room with a TV was set up to handle the overflow. Many people spoke to support the Bill including U.S. Rep. Justin Amash MI 3rd. With no apparent opposition, HB5768 should make it to the floor for a vote by the full House very soon. The state of Virginia has already passed a Nullification Law very similar to this one.

Dennis Marburger provides a full report at this location:

8Allen Park Ballot Issue

News Release Excerpt
From Tim O'Brien


A handful of Allen Park residents, incensed that the previous mayor and council, acting entirely on their own authority, sold $31 million worth of general obligation bonds to invest in a failed movie studio venture, have collected the signatures needed to propose a city charter amendment that would take that power from future, elected officials.

"This is a simple, one sentence addition," said organizer Tim O'Brien, "that will essentially put the same voter-approval requirement on borrowing that the Headlee Amendment already puts on tax increases. Frankly," he continued, "it's hard to believe this restriction wasn't already there. What good does it do to require voter approval of tax increases, if politicians can borrow millions of dollars on the 'full faith and credit' of taxpayers? It's a distinction without a difference."
Click here for the entire news release and for Tim O'Brien's background story of the Allen Park financial saga:

8Other LPM News and Announcements

Johnson polling 10.6% in Ohio
First poll in Ohio to show Johnson reaching double-digit support
Story from Independent Examiner 9/27

On Wednesday, Gravis Marketing and Capitol Correspondent released results from Ohio from a poll conducted on September 21-22. The poll included 594 likely voters and covered the presidential race and senate elections, among others. The margin of error of the poll is 4.3%. When only President Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney are included, Obama leads by 45.2% to 44.3%, with 10.4% either undecided or supporting a third party candidate. When Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson is also included, Obama leads Romney by 44.5% to 37.8%, with Johnson winning 10.6% of the vote. 7.1% are either undecided or supporting another third party candidate.

Michigan Johnson-on-Johnson crime gives us major party chances...
Scotty Boman

Newsflash! After Libertarian Jon Coon nearly got 4.2% of the US Senate vote in 1994, Michigan changed the definition of “Major Party” to mean only the top two vote getters. This change was only cosmetic. In all other respects, the political party who’s top-of-ticket candidate receives at least 5% of the total vote cast for Secretary of State in the previous election becomes a major party.

The top of ticket for the 2012 election should have been Libertarian Presidential nominee, Governor Gary Johnson, but Secretary of State, Ruth Johnson has pushed him off the Libertarian slate, and he is now an independent write-in candidate*. Historically, far fewer voters are likely to vote “Libertarian” for Presidential candidates than for other offices. Thanks to Ruth Johnson, Scotty Boman is now at the top of the Libertarian ticket. That means we have a unique opportunity, to put the Libertarian Party of Michigan in the top tier of Michigan’s two tier election system. Don’t let opportunity slip away!

Don't let the opportunity slip away!
Donate your dollars to Scotty Boman today!

Scotty Bumper

* Since Governor Johnson can’t run as the Libertarian nominee in Michigan, those wishing to vote for him must write in president and vice president as: Gary Johnson/James Gray. See above.

Detroit Voters to Vote on Cannabis Rights
Cannabis legalization measure to appear on Detroit November ballot

Colleagues, The Detroit Election Commission voted to formally place our Detroit cannabis legalization measure on the November ballot this afternoon. When the time came for public comment, one of our legal eagles Matt Able ably gave em hell. With a big smile and snarky tone to my voice, I congratulated the commission on "obeying the law" and saying "I had a feeling two years ago we would all be meeting again..."

Tim Beck
Detroit, Michigan

LPM still fighting to secure Johnson ballot access
Denee Rockman-Moon

Live FreeAs you may be aware, the Federal District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan refused to place Governor Gary Johnson on the ballot as our presidential nominee. The Judge accepted the arguments of Secretary of State Ruth Johnson and the Michigan Republican Party that Michigan´s "sore loser" law applies to keep Governor Johnson off the ballot, even though it was not applied to other presidential candidates in the past, like John Anderson. We immediately appealed the decision to the Federal Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati. When the Sixth Circuit refused to expedite the case, we appealed to the US Supreme Court. Unfortunately, the Supreme Court refused to hear our appeal and we are now battling it out in the Court of Appeals.

Within minutes of the Judge issuing his opinion in the Eastern District case, the Secretary of State sent us a letter denying ballot status to our "contingent" presidential candidate, Gary E. Johnson of Texas. You will recall that at the LPM convention on June 2 we nominated him in the event Governor Johnson was denied a place on the ballot. Ever since, we had been requesting confirmation he would be placed on the ballot, but the Secretary of State refused to say until she issued this recent letter. Now the State insists we should have no presidential candidate on the ballot.

We then sued Secretary of State Ruth Johnson in the Federal District Court for the Western District of Michigan to place Gary E. Johnson of Texas on the ballot as the LPM´s presidential nominee. The State had the audacity to argue to the Judge that it is ´too late´ to consider our case, even though it waited three months to deny Gary E. Johnson ballot status. The State also claims we can´t show irreparable harm to support a decision in our favor ´because Gary E. Johnson has no chance of winning.' The Western District Court bought the Secretary of State's argument and refused to place Gary E. Johnson on the ballot. Once again, we appealed to the Federal Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, but they also refused to place Gary E. Johnson of the ballot. As Gary E. Johnson noted, the Court ruled he "should have filed his lawsuit to place his name on the ballot 128 days before Michigan first revealed that it was refusing to place his name on the ballot."

We pointed out to the Court of Appeals that after we filed the Western District suit Secretary of State Ruth Johnson sneakily failed to place our Vice Presidential candidate Judge James P. Gray on the ballot, even though there is no question he was our first, and last, choice for Vice President. She had never even hinted he wouldn't be on the ballot. So now we have had the Gary E. Johnson suit returned to the Western District Court, where we are pursuing the Secretary of State's malfeasance in leaving Judge Gray off the ballot. We are hoping, at a minimum, the Court will order the Secretary of State to count Libertarian straight ticket votes as votes for our presidential electors and Judge Gray.

I can´t begin to describe the commitments so many Libertarian activists have made, in time and money, to fight this attempt by the State and the Republican Party to strip the Libertarian Party of Michigan of its ballot status. Generous Michigan donors contributed to cover the initial attorneys fees in the Eastern District case. Gary E. Johnson of Texas contributed $10,000 to help us out in his case. The Governor Johnson campaign is paying the appeal costs and further litigation costs in the Western District case.

While we've already raised some additional funds, we're estimating the LPM will need to raise about $5,000 more to cover the additional attorneys fees and court costs in the two cases. I´m hoping you see the need and the urgency to stick it to the State by contributing now to support our efforts (under Comments enter: Ballot Status). We may not win our cases, but we sure have made life Hell for Secretary of State Ruth Johnson. Governor Johnson and the liberty message are reaping publicity from our fight all across the country, with hundreds of news reports, including an article in the New York Times and stories on network news programs.

Please contribute here now:
Under Comments enter "Ballot Access"

Hog RoastSign petition to get Johnson in debates
Denee Rockman-Moon

Be sure to go to this Website and sign the petition to enable Gary Johnson to participate in the presidential debates: http://www.lp.org/blogs/staff/sign-the-petition-to-include-libertarian-for-president-gov-gary-johnson-in-debates

C4L Hog Roast in Westland
"Here came da judge"

On September 22, the Michigan Campaign for Liberty Hog sponsored a hog and lamb roast at The Token Lounge, in Westland. LP vice presidential candidate James P. Gray came into town, and along with several Michigan candidates, mixed it up with the west-side community. A collage: -->

Image of the Month

Courtesy Alex Witoslavski


Recently, Ralph Nader referred to President Obama as a war criminal. There goes the peace vote? The image does appear to present a one-sided negative impression of the Democratic president—who is known to personally direct military and CIA drones to their homocidal targets in Afghanistan, Pakistan and basically any other country he damned well chooses... until one realizes that Republican Romney and his gang constantly chide the president for 'not doing enough' along these lines.

Quote of the Month

You get the same order of criminality from any State to which you give power to exercise it; and whatever power you give the State to do things FOR you carries with it the equivalent power to do things TO you. -- Albert Jay Nock (1870-1945)

Michigan Libertarian Blast from the Past

Take a stroll down memory lane with this excerpt from one of the longest-running state Libertarian newsletters. Today, check out the September-October issue 2004. Click on this link for the full PDF version of this newsletter.

Michigan Libertarian 2004 Oct Nov

Former editor and LPM archivist Greg Stempfle has compiled the entire body of available Michigan Libertarian newsletters up on this page of the LPM Website.

Feedback, Letters, Ads, Humor

Boycott Republicans for keeping Libertarian candidate for President off ballot
Leonard Schwartz leonard@leonardschwartz.us

Opinion: Republicans think that we don't care that they won't let any Libertarian Party candidate for president be on the ballot in Michigan. I suggest that we show our displeasure by boycotting all Republican candidates.

For all offices in which there is no Libertarian candidate, either vote for the Democrat or vote for no one. When you talk to Republicans, I suggest that you tell them why you won't vote for any Republicans this year. We need to boycott all Republicans this year to help deter future exclusion of Libertarians.

Reminder: You can write "Gary Johnson/James Gray" in the space for write-in candidates on the ballot. These write-in votes will be counted.


Word on Atlas Shrugged II
Samantha Markovitz, smarkovitz@atlasshruggedmovie.com

Hello, I am the marketing assistant for the team producing Atlas Shrugged Part II and I am contacting you regarding your interest in helping us promote the USA theatrical release of the film on October 12, 2012-less than a month before the presidential election. Between now and October, the producers are seeking groups and individuals who can spread the word about the movie through newsletters, emails and social media (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) to people who share the book's message regarding liberty, free markets and limited government.

Hollywood did not have the courage to bring Atlas Shrugged to theaters in large part because they do not believe there's a population that would come to the theater and support a movie with this sort of message. We would be very interested in working with the Libertarian Party of Michigan to promote the film amongst your members, perhaps even coordinating a group viewing party on 10.12.12 as we aspire to gather like-minded individuals, that believe in the principles set forth by our Founding Fathers, to experience together one of the most influential novels of our time finally brought to life on the silver screen.

I am on Pacific Standard Time and am at the office Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please feel free to contact me with your questions and ideas. Let me know if there is a phone number that you would prefer to be reached at. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best, Samantha

Samantha Markovitz
Atlas Distribution Company Office:

Voters need NOTA on ballots: revamped for Election 2012
Peter Ponzetti III impete80@yahoo.com

For too long, those who go to the polls, and those wanting to but do not for lack of better candidates, have been unable to withhold their votes and still have them numerically count. When voters see candidates as unsuitable, they must either choose those they do not want or forego voting altogether.

There are two types of “none-of-the-above” (NOTA) voting options: binding and non-binding. With binding, if NOTA receives more votes than the candidates listed, either a new election is ordered or the office goes unfilled. In the case of non-binding, if NOTA wins, it is symbolic. With both options, none-of-the-above sends a message to all political parties and their NOTA-defeated candidates. Run more publicly-favorable individuals or you will lose to “none-of-the-above.”

NOTA on Michigan ballots is not farfetched. In 1995, House Bill No. 4794 was introduced by six state representatives but, unfortunately, never made it past its first committee. In Nevada, a non-binding NOTA voting option has been in place since 1975. The main argument against none-of-the-above goes like this: voters already have the option to vote none-of-the-above by writing it in on Election Day. The problem with this contention is that, in Michigan anyway, only votes for candidates who register as write-in candidates prior to the election are actually counted and reported.

NOTA voting options on ballots would give Michiganders a much-needed alternative. It is a no-cost, worthwhile option that would benefit voters whether they choose to use it or not. Until legislators permit their constituents to do so, however, the electorate will have to keep voting for candidates they dislike or not vote at all.


Movie and Book Review Feature

The following review excerpts are courtesy LPM Webmaster Brian Wright's commentary and review site, The Coffee Coaster. [Other submissions of reviews are solicited for this Michigan Libertarian Movie and Book Review feature. Please contact us via webmaster@michiganlp.org -- ed.]

Movie Review
Night of the Iquana
Tennessee Williams’ finest? ___ 10/10
The Hannah character overwhelms. You can see it in how she makes her living, her:

  • subtle kindnesses and awarenesses of kindnesses
  • Zen grasp of life and what matters, acceptance, Being
  • esthetic ideals and the role of her grandfather-poet in life
  • nod to Shannon’s (Richard Burton) understanding, ‘man’s inhumanity to God’
  • awareness of Shannon’s addictions and his redemption

Believe it sports fans, you’ll never see another character in movies like the amazing Hannah Jelkes. She’s a female Jesus and Buddha rolled into one; people can construct entire spiritual philosophies from her sequences. Seriously, Deborah Kerr as Hanna is perhaps, in film history, the most salient... [Full Review]

Book Review
The Truth Torpedo (2012)
Blowing off the Barrier Cloud
by Brian Wright (review by the author)

All of the Little Boy Truths integrate with 9/11 and the others, providing a consistent ‘new paradigm’ of politics that makes sense for our species to be moving toward. In the foreword I state: “Along with my Coffee Coaster site, I have authored several books with libertarian and human interest content. My goal has been to elevate the simple nonaggression principle to the highest moral standard in society. In pursuit of that goal I have come to see spiritual awareness as integral to realization of a free society—with journalistic truth as the sine qua non, even the prime mover, of that enlightenment.” The hard fact is our country cannot survive wars of conquest based on lies; torture, mass murder, and extrajudicial killings as official policy; horrific state crimes w/o prosecution… [Full Review]

Libertarian Party of Michigan Contacts

LPM Leadership
State Chair – Denee Rockman-Moon, chair@michiganlp.org
Vice Chair – Larry Johnson,  michlibertarian@gmail.com
Secretary – Mary Buzuma, mary.buzuma@att.net
Treasurer – Kim Moore, kmoore_libertarian@ymail.comWebmaster – Brian Wright - brian_r_wright@yahoo.com
Political Director – Bill Gelineau – politics@mi.lp.org

Libertarian Executive Committee At-large Directors:
Andrew Hall - halla12@ferris.edu
Jim Fulner - fulner@gmail.com
Christopher Sharer - christopher.sharer@gmail.com
Keith Butkovich - sirkeith17@hotmail.com
Gregory Creswell - i.am4_gcreswell@yahoo.com

Judicial Committee
Keith Edwards - keithmarni@wowway.com
Bill Gelineau - freedomlover59@hotmail.com
Shyler Engel – shyler.engel@gmail.com

Affiliate Contacts (counties served)
Capital Area LP (Clinton, Eaton, Ingham, Shiawassee)
Bob Broda, Chair, bob-broda@comcast.net  (contact Will White: whitewi5@msu.edu 
Website: www.calparty.org

Kalamazoo Area LP
Dennis Miller, Temp. Chair, drmiller94@gmail.com
Phone: 269-270-7747
The new Kzoo group will be handling the former Calhoun County and Southwest Michigan LP for counties: Calhoun, Berrien, Kalamazoo, St. Joseph, Branch, Cass, and Van Buren. Jack Worsham (worsham74@aol.com), Daniel Grow (grow.daniel@gmail.com), Bill Bradley and other leaders of the former affiliates will be working with the Kzoo affiliate.

Affiliate Contacts (counties served, continued)

Lakeshore Libertarians
Mary Buzuma, mary.buzuma@att.netLP of Livingston County (Livingston)
Pam Sanderson, Chair, Chair.LivingstonLP@gmail.com Website: http://www.livingstonlibertarians.us

Libertarians of Macomb County (Macomb)
Keith Edwards, Chair: keithmarni@wowway.com
Dan Flamand, Vice Chair: daniel.flamand@att.net

LP of Oakland County (Oakland)
Jim Young, Chair lpocmi@lpocmi.org
Website: http://www.lpocmi.org/

Straits Libertarian Party (SLaP)
James Johnson, Chair, minidu@gmail.com

LP of Washtenaw County (Washtenaw)
Larry Johnson michlibertarian@gmail.com
Also contact Paul Giuliano, pgiulian@umich.edu 
Website: http://lpwc.wordpress.com/

LP of Wayne County (Wayne, Monroe)
Ray Warner, Chair, raymondrand@yahoo.com

LP of West Michigan (Allegan, Barry, Ionia, Kent, Lake, Mason, Mecosta, Montcalm, Muskegon, Newaygo, Oceana, Osceola, Ottawa)
Larry Warner, Chair, the_real_radnex@yahoo.com  Website: www.lpwm.org



October 1HOMtv Debate of US Congress-Dist 8 Candidates. 7-8 pm. Dan Goebel, LP candidate will participate. Live televised debate with call-in questions.  Call-in number is 517-349-1232. Watch at www.HOMtv.net. Contact Dan Goebel, dan@dangoebel2012.com

October 3 - LP of Washtenaw County Monthly Meeting -7 to 9 pm at Classic Cup Cafe, 4389 Jackson Rd, Ann Arbor (In the Parkland Plaza west of Ann Arbor). The LP of Washtenaw County meets on the first Wednesday of every month. You can see more announcements and information regarding the LPWC at its new website, http://lpwc.wordpress.com, or its Facebook page—“like” us at Libertarian Party of Washtenaw County! Contact LPWC Chair, Larry Johnson, michlibertarian@gmail.com

October 4 - Wayne County LP Monthly Meeting – 7 p.m. - Kiernans Steak House, 21931 Michigan Ave, Dearborn (at Monroe). Contact Ray Warner, 313-598-3666

October 4 – Livingston County LP Monthly Meeting - 7-8:30 pm. The Livingston County LP meets the first Thursday of each month at Cleary's Irish Pub, 117 E Grand River Ave, Howell 48843. Join them to discuss local and national news from a Libertarian perspective. Contact Pam Sanderson, factorylady@yahoo.com, for details

October 6 – Pulaski Day Parade, Grand Rapids – Meet for set up at 10 am at the corner of Michigan and College streets. We’ll walk with lady liberty! Come listen to great polka music and help us give out campaign literature and candy. It’s fun! Contact Nick Sundquist, Nicholas.sundquist@yahoo.com, 231-750-5468

October 8 – Screening of Atlas Shrugged, Part 1 – 7 pm Grand Valley State University (GVSU). If you are a fan or just want to see what it’s all about come enjoy the screening with people you know. Contact Nick Sundquist, Nicholas.sundquist@yahoo.com, 231-750-5468

October 8 — Meet the Candidates forum: Pinckney, Hamburg, Lakeland, and Hell Chambers of Commerce, 6:00 PM. Event Location: Board Room Hamburg Township Municipal Office Building, 10405 Merrill Road, Hamburg Township, Michigan [contact participant Scotty Boman via http://www.boman12.org/]

October 8 – Capital Area LP Monthly Meeting – 7 pm at former LPM office, 2722 E Michigan Ave, Ste 22, Lansing (park and enter in back). Contact Will Tyler White, 517-349-3806, whitewi5@msu.edu

October 9 – LP of West Michigan Monthly Meeting – 6:30 pm. Join the LPWM on the second Tuesday of the month at Branns Restaurant on Leonard St. at US 131 in downtown Grand Rapids. Contact Nick Sundquist, Nicholas.sundquist@yahoo.com, 231-750-5468

October 9 - Candidate Jamie Lewis hosts the Mackinac Center analysis of the Ballot initiatives GVSU, Eberhard Center 7:00PM. Learn all about the ballot initiatives from the experts at Mackinac Center. Contact Nick Sundquist, Nicholas.sundquist@yahoo.com, 231-750-5468

October 10 - Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum includes Mary Buzuma, LP candidate for US Congress-Dist. 2. 5:30 pm Kent District Library, 3350 Michael Ave SW Wyoming MI. Contact Nick Sundquist, Nicholas.sundquist@yahoo.com, 231-750-5468

October 11th — Battle Creek Area Chamber of Commerce: "Party Politics" at the Holiday Inn in Battle Creek: 12812 Harper Village Drive, Battle Creek, Michigan 5-8 PM. http://battlecreek.org/event.taf?_function=detail&event_uid1=413 [contact participant Scotty Boman via http://www.boman12.org/]

October 17 – LP of Oakland County Meeting – 6:30 pm dinner, 7:30 meeting -The LP of Oakland County meets the third Wednesday of the month at Sila's Restaurant, 4033 W. 12 Mile (2 blocks east of Greenfield), Berkley. Contact Jim Fulner, fulner@gmail.com

October 17 - Libertarians of Macomb County Monthly Meeting - 6:30 for dinner, 7:30 business meeting, at Loon River Café, 34911 Van Dyke Ave, Sterling Heights. All members of the Libertarian Party, their friends and family, and anyone interested in learning more about the LP are invited for good food and conversation on the third Wednesday of every month. Contact Keith Edwards, keithmarni@wowway.com.

October 19 - Candidate Forum – 6 pm, VFW, 5201 Airline Rd, Muskegon. With a couple of libertarian candidate the forum might actually be interesting.  Contact Nick Sundquist, Nicholas.sundquist@yahoo.com, 231-750-5468 

October 21 – Libertarian Executive Committee Meeting – 4 pm by telephone conference. Call 218-844-3366, access code#576532 (long distance charges may apply depending on your phone plan).The state executive committee meets the 3rd Sunday of every month. All LPM members may dial in to teleconferences or attend face-to-face meetings. Contact Denee Rockman-Moon, chair@mi.lp.org

October 23, 7pm — Granum Theatre, Alpena Community College CANDIDATES FORUM. Candidates for US Senator, US Representative (1st District, State Representative) 106th District, and Alpena County Treasurer have been invited. Hosted by the League of Women Voters. http://lwvalpenacounty.org/calendar.html [contact participant Scotty Boman via http://www.boman12.org/]

October 24 – Tri-City Libertarians Meeting – 7 pm, Bay Valley Resort and Conference Center, 2470 Old Bridge Road, Bay City, MI 48706. Come and learn more about the 6 Proposal that you will see on your November Ballot, Guest Speaker is Jarrett Skorup with the Mackinac Center. Contact Denee Rockman-Moon, chair@mi.lp.org.

October 25 – Kalamazoo Area LP Meeting – 7 pm, Portage Public Library, 300 Library Lane, Portage.  The new Kalamazoo area LP meets the 4th Thursday of the month. Contact Dennis Miller, drmiller94@gmail.com, 269-270-7747.

October 30 — 6:30 PM Candidate Forum: MSU Extension Oscoda County Knights of Columbus Hall in Mio [contact participant Scotty Boman via http://www.boman12.org/]

November 1 – Wayne County LP Monthly Meeting – 7 p.m. - Kiernans Steak House, 21931 Michigan Ave, Dearborn (at Monroe). Contact Ray Warner, 313-598-3666

November 1 – Livingston County LP Monthly Meeting - 7-8:30 pm. The Livingston County LP meets the first Thursday of each month at Cleary's Irish Pub, 117 E Grand River Ave, Howell 48843. Join them to discuss local and national news from a Libertarian perspective. Contact Pam Sanderson, factorylady@yahoo.com, for details.

November 6 – Election Day – Polls are open 7am-8 pm. Make sure to write in Gary Johnson for President and cast your vote for all LP candidates including our Supreme Court nominees, Kerry Morgan and Bob Roddis, who are not identified by party on the ballot.

November 6 – Election Night Party hosted by LP of Oakland County – Time and location TBD. Note, no monthly meeting on 3rd Wednesday in November. Contact Jim Fulner, fulner@gmail.com

November 7 - LP of Washtenaw County Monthly Meeting -7 to 9 pm at Classic Cup Cafe, 4389 Jackson Rd, Ann Arbor (In the Parkland Plaza west of Ann Arbor). The LP of Washtenaw County meets on the first Wednesday of every month. You can see more announcements and information regarding the LPWC at its new website, http://lpwc.wordpress.com, or its Facebook page—“like” us at Libertarian Party of Washtenaw County! Contact LPWC Chair, Larry Johnson, michlibertarian@gmail.com

November 7 - Libertarians of Macomb County Post-Election Meeting - 6:30 for dinner, 7:30 business meeting, at Loon River Café, 34911 Van Dyke Ave, Sterling Heights. All members of the Libertarian Party, their friends and family, and anyone interested in learning more about the LP are invited for good food and conversation about the election. Contact Keith Edwards, keithmarni@wowway.com. Note, no meeting on the 3rd Wednesday.

November 12 – Capital Area LP Monthly Meeting – 7 pm at former LPM office, 2722 E Michigan Ave, Ste 22, Lansing (park and enter in back). Contact Will Tyler White, 517-349-3806, whitewi5@msu.edu

November 13 – LP of West Michigan Monthly Meeting – 6:30 pm. Join the LPWM on the second Tuesday of the month at Branns Restaurant on Leonard St. at US 131 in downtown Grand Rapids. Contact Nick Sundquist, Nicholas.sundquist@yahoo.com, 231-750-5468

November 18 - Libertarian Executive Committee Meeting – 4 pm. by telephone conference. Call 218-844-3366, access code#576532 (long distance charges may apply depending on your phone plan).The state executive committee meets the 3rd Sunday of every month. All LPM members may dial in to teleconferences or attend face-to-face meetings. Contact Denee Rockman-Moon, chair@mi.lp.org

November 29 – Kalamazoo Area LP Meeting – 7 pm, Portage Public Library, 300 Library Lane, Portage. The new Kalamazoo area LP usually meets the 4th Thursday of the month, but due to Thanksgiving, will meet one week later. Contact Dennis Miller, drmiller94@gmail.com, 269-270-7747.

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